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Our Vision

Imagine being born and brought up in a street in Budapest, Hungary, named after your great, great, great aunt. That’s a vital part of my story, of who I am but it’s not all. I am a successful surgeon, a committed Christian and social entrepreneur, coming from a country with a repressive communist past. I set up the Beniczky Foundation to bring the message and teachings of my great, great, great aunt Veres Palne born Hermin BENICZKY to an audience that really needs to hear, understand and embrace it in the 21st Century.


Veres Palne

My great, great, great aunt has statues, roads and a school, the Veres Palne Gimnazium, named after her because she fought in the 1800s for women’s education, spiritual and emotional wellbeing and the right to take a place in society as equals.


She taught women about dignity, self-esteem, confidence and financial independence with an entrepreneurial spirit. She also taught the importance of learning for its own sake, studying art, music, languages, poetry and theatre, embracing the country’s cultural inheritance. She knew the value of self development and empowerment years before these became a male-focused industry in the USA during the 1920s… and she did this at a time of great opposition from a male dominated Eastern European society.


Her greatest gift however was that she inspired women to experience life to the full, from a foundation of love. Women have built communities for centuries around mutual support, sharing and taking personal responsibility for themselves and those they care about. The fight she defined was paradoxically a “peaceful revolution” yet one that outlasts the power-plays and win-loose mindset.

And her message is the same today: woman can uplift themselves and through them others by becoming all that they can be.


Empowering Women

While women enjoy today the opportunity to experiment and express themselves as never before in the arenas of work, finances, career and relationships we should always remember to step into our highest purpose: developing ourselves and others as fully as possible.


The mission of The Beniczky Foundation is to empower women: showing them how to harmonise a strong, powerful, independent and internally driven identity with a dignified, caring, nurturing, relationship focused nature.


We can be both.... We just have to learn how!


The Beniczky Foundation is helping women to find their purpose, to fully realise their potential and to inspire and empower others.


Susanna Boytha MD MRCOphth



In the 1830s several large residences were built by the Beniczky family in the villages of Vanyarc and Szugy in northern Hungary. The Foundation is aiming to restore one of these Kurias; this beautiful building now has a new destiny and a worthwhile future in good hands.

Veres Palne


Veres Palne (1815-1895) was a visionary educationalist, known for promoting women’s rights, opening the first secondary school for women in Hungary and founding the Hungarian National Association for Women’s Education.

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