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Any amount large or small is always gratefully received and will help us to help women to restore their lives and dreams, to find their purpose, to fully realise their potential and to inspire and empower others.


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The Beniczky Foundation
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We're really pleased you're interested in raising money for The Beniczky Foundation, your efforts will make a real difference to the lives of many people.



In the 1830s several large residences were built by the Beniczky family in the villages of Vanyarc and Szugy in northern Hungary. The Foundation is aiming to restore one of these Kurias; this beautiful building now has a new destiny and a worthwhile future in good hands.

Veres Palne


Veres Palne (1815-1895) was a visionary educationalist, known for promoting women’s rights, opening the first secondary school for women in Hungary and founding the Hungarian National Association for Women’s Education.

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