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Beniczky Foundation in Scotland: Raising Confidence for Success in Life

Taking it’s inspiration from the ground breaking work of Veres Palne, in 19th Century Hungary, the Beniczky Foundation, founded in Scotland in the 21st Century, has a truly International outlook and mission: to act as a bridge to a better future for people where ever they may be.


In Scotland the Foundation’s focus is to encourage and empower those who are unable to contribute to or fully enjoy the rewards of society: employment, community, culture, heritage, health and wellbeing. To help them, discover self confidence, develop their skills and talent, find a sense of purpose and have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.


Concentrating on helping woman, young people, students and those who are currently excluded or isolated from their community or restricted in their ability to contribute to society and the economy, the programmes offered by the Foundation are aimed at improving confidence, self-esteem, self awareness, building positive relationships as well as developing an understanding of how they can create value at work, at home and in their communities.


As the global economy, technology and new forms of communication have accelerated the spread of ideas and trade across the globe, Beniczky founder Dr Susanna Boytha knows from first hand experience that who we become and how we think of ourselves is defined by our culture, our technology, our economic activity, by the way we tackle challenges and reach for opportunities and by the way we treat each other. Exploring these ideas helps individuals understand themselves better, helps them communicate and influence others more positively, helps them lead others to a brighter future.


Having grown up in the communist reality yet aware of a rich cultural history Dr Boytha left Hungary to develop herself and what she could offer the world, it was only natural therefore that the Foundation she set up in her great, great, great aunt’s name is not just concerned with passing on vital knowledge or developing important skills, it is about inspiring individuals to reach out to others and in turn be their inspiration.


As well as offering specific training courses to improve confidence and employability skills for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, the Foundation’s work builds on the understanding that individuals and communities flourish in a “rich” environment of culture and self expression. Central to that message is a range of activities that use music and art, to develop a love of culture and education, and a passion for sharing in the richness of a society which has produced great artists and writers, doctors and engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs and educators.


Society only becomes richer when it supports individuals to be become successful. Individuals only flourish when they fully accept and love themselves for who they are.


Scotland has a vibrant history, a culture that is renowned around the world and has lead the world in education, science and technology for centuries. Dr Boytha, a passionate advocate of self-empowerment, commitment and optimism has identified three specific missions for the Foundation in Scotland: to offer the opportunity for individuals to learn the skills that can improve their lives; provide a platform for people to connect with culture, heritage and a global community through artistic events and concerts and to share her extra-ordinary experience with business leaders, community groups, educational establishments and individuals.


If you would like to learn more about the programs the Beniczky Foundation offers in Scotland, attend one of the Cultural Events or you would like to hear Dr Boytha speak please contact us.



In the 1830s several large residences were built by the Beniczky family in the villages of Vanyarc and Szugy in northern Hungary. The Foundation is aiming to restore one of these Kurias; this beautiful building now has a new destiny and a worthwhile future in good hands.

Veres Palne


Veres Palne (1815-1895) was a visionary educationalist, known for promoting women’s rights, opening the first secondary school for women in Hungary and founding the Hungarian National Association for Women’s Education.

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